Chinese Beginner Class

彩虹桥中文项目共由十五个单元组成,其中包括了人文、历史、生物、科学等内容。和传统的以课本为基础的中文教学不同的是,这套课程采取的是“基于内容的学习”(content-based learning)和“项目式教学” (project-based learning)的学习方法,使学生在学到有趣的新知识和完成项目中自然、有趣地学习中文。











RBCC Chinese program consists of 15 engaging units, including social studies, history, biology, science, etc. Compared to the traditional textbook-based Chinese learning, this curriculum uses content-based learning and project-based learning approaches, which can facilitate the students to acquire Chinese language naturally and enjoyably through mastering new and fun knowledge.

Each unit has target vocabulary and grammar to learn, which aligns with part of the contents required to be learned in the YCT and HSK curriculum. There are anchor texts for each unit, which help students pick up Chinese through authentic reading materials. The goal of RBCC Chinese program is to help students learn Chinese language, use Chinese to learn new contents, discover and compare different cultures, understand Chinese culture, develop fine motor skills, and facilitate critical thinking and growth mindset.

There are also useful and fun worksheets for the students to use in order to efficiently review what they have learned in each unit.

Our mission is to help the students genuinely love learning and using the language, and develop their true passion to get to know about Chinese culture. We believe, Chinese is not only a language, but also a key to the other fun knowledge in the world!

Goal: to increase vocabulary and oral practice, to be able to communicate completely and accurately in daily life.

Core Competence:

Listening: Understand tone, intonation

Expression: content expression

Reading: can summarize the story

To cultivate students’ ability to communicate with others, to use sentence structures in daily life and to express themselves flexibly.


  • Learning tone
  • Shape
  • strokes
  • ​​meaning


  • Making phrases
  • Meaning
  • Collocation
  • Word usage
  • Correcting​   ​pronunciation​​


  • Sentence pattern
  • Basic sentence transformation
  • Basic reading skill
  • Components
  • Basic sentence completion