RBCC offers three feature classes: Art, Chinese, and Chess. We have a variety of classes times for kids at different levels based on their skills.


Our Camps are offered throughout the school year and in the summer. There will be different activities involved in each day. The activities include but are not limited to: music, drawing, crafts, chess, and science, etc.


RBCC is going to create a safe, nurturing ,inspiring , and bilingual school environment for children from 3 years old to 12 years old. We are going to offer rich materials and opportunities for children to explore different aspects of the world.

Rainbow Bridge Cultural Center

Welcome to RBCC

On behalf of myself and our staff members, welcome to Rainbow Bridge Culture Center (RBCC)! We are glad to have you and your child in our center! Hopefully, this will be a fun experience for you all. RBCC intends to concentrate on youthful participants, although adult tutoring will also be offered, as well as family programs. You can enjoy learning Mandarin, Art, Chess, and Piano here. RBCC is also a child care facility that provides possibilities for children to explore the world and have fun. Creating a safe, nurturing, inspiring, and bilingual school environment for children from 3 years old to 12 years old is what we always focus on. To provide high-quality child care, our team designs age-appropriate curriculums and creates fun and meaningful activities for children. Based on our mission, this center emphasizes the whole child development. We acknowledge each child’s uniqueness and encourage them to develop at their own pace. As a bilingual program, we strive to provide both Chinese and English literacy environments. Children will enjoy knowing different cultures and languages.

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Rainbow Bridge Culture Center

Our Weekly Classes
We are dedicated to creating a community of inspiration and discovery - a place where children, teens and adults learn, create and have fun in a relaxed, professional environment.


The art classes include four unique art styles:
Sketching, Mix Media, Mange, Traditional Chinese Painting.-Sketching includes: Color pencil, Pen, Charcoal pencil, and other single color drawings.
-Mix Media includes: Watercolor, Artistic oil painting stick, Acrylic, Color pencil, and other colorful painting.
-Manga includes: Following concepts from existing art work.
-Traditional Chinese Painting includes: Realistic drawing, fine brush work, and calligraphy.


Promoting life skills through teaching chess.Chess is a game which can combine fun and functionality, as well as encourage competition and learning. Quality chess instruction fosters traits such as critical thinking, planning, analytical thought, and creativity. Studying chess is studying the art of planning ahead- one of the most important skills a person can have.

Our curriculum seeks to use chess as a tool to cultivate these traits in our students, allowing them to become both better chess players and better thinkers as a whole.

From teaching new students how to set up the chess board to exploring advanced concepts with a chess Grandmaster, our standard classes and private lessons make the game fun and accessible to all levels of players. Our instructors are as passionate about teaching as they are about chess, and have shared their knowledge and love of the game with students locally and across the world.

Chinese / 彩虹桥中文

彩虹桥中文项目共由十五个单元组成,其中包括了人文、历史、生物、科学等内容。和传统的以课本为基础的中文教学不同的是,这套课程采取的是“基于内容的学习”(content-based learning)和“项目式教学” (project-based learning)的学习方法,使学生在学到有趣的新知识和完成项目中自然、有趣地学习中文。

RBCC Chinese Program consists of 15 engaging units, including social studies, history, biology, science, etc. Compared to the traditional textbook-based Chinese learning, this curriculum uses content-based learning and project-based learning approaches, which can facilitate the students to acquire Chinese language naturally and enjoyably through mastering new and fun knowledge.Each unit has target vocabulary and grammar to learn, which aligns with part of the contents required to be learned in the YCT and HSK curriculum. There are anchor texts for each unit, which help students pick up Chinese through authentic reading materials. The goal of RBCC Chinese program is to help students learn Chinese language, use Chinese to learn new contents, discover and compare different cultures, understand Chinese culture, develop fine motor skills, and facilitate critical thinking and growth mindset.There are also useful and fun worksheets for the students to use in order to efficiently review what they have learned in each unit.

Our mission is to help the students genuinely love learning and using the language, and develop their true passion to get to know about Chinese culture. We believe, Chinese is not only a language, but also a key to the other fun knowledge in the world!

Rainbow Bridge Culture Center

Our Daycares

We ensure that children in our care everywhere have access to the highest quality of international early childhood education anywhere.

With our fun school activities for kids, learning in school becomes an interesting and enjoyable exercise, help developing your child's creativity, imagination, thinking skills, and social skills.

  • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
  • Educational field trips and school presentations
  • Individual attention in a small-class setting
  • Learning program with after-school care
  • Opportunities to carry out scientific investigations

Learning & Fun

Interesting lessons, funny teachers and friendly friends.

Friendly Place

Modern equipment and environmental friendliness.

Healthy Meals

Balanced nutrition and suitable for each child.

Children Safety

Ensure that kids avoid the more serious danger.

Rainbow Bridge Culture Center

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Rainbow Bridge Culture Center (RBCC) intends to contribute to the communities of Western New York by offering professional tutoring services for new immigrants as well as the general population in the areas of Oriental Culture & Arts

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