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Rainbow Bridge Culture Center (RBCC) intends to contribute to the communities of Western New York by offering professional tutoring services for new immigrants as well as the general population in the areas of Oriental Culture & Arts. Additionally, the center will offer tutoring aimed at the quick assimilation of immigrants into the American social, economic and legal systems. Such services are additive to the educational and social systems currently in place to serve immigrants at a time when immigration of Asians to the USA is abounding and such services by the government are either lacking or non-existent. The Culture Center, as the name implies, creates a bridge of understanding between Asian and American cultures by conducting programs using Asian professionals that intensify the melding of Eastern and Western cultures.

RBCC will comply with all American laws and regulations. RBCC, as a non-profit group, will not distribute profits or dividends (except employee/contractor salaries, fees and benefits). Such profits, if any, will be completely re-invested in the enterprise and any assets will permanently belong to public community.



Our center intends to concentrate on youthful participants, although adult tutoring will also be offered, as well as family programs. It is an extension, not replacement for standard culture and arts training derived from the education system. It consists of face-to-face teaching of the most distinctive cultural and artistic skills, organizing multi-cultural and art exchange activities, and assisting immigrants with assimilation into American society which will benefit their growth and recovery. An alternate focus is the sharing of this Eastern culture with American citizens who wish to understand the Oriental art and culture.

ChildCare Kindergarten

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Mark Johnson

Chess Teacher

John Hanni

Chess Teacher


Daycare Teacher

Xi Chen

Daycare & Piano Teacher

Yu Zhou

Daycare Teacher

师彤老师 Tongtong

Chinese & Art Teacher