Chess GM Class

Promoting life skills through teaching chess.

Chess is a game which can combine fun and functionality, as well as encourage competition and learning. Quality chess instruction fosters traits such as critical thinking, planning, analytical thought, and creativity. Studying chess is studying the art of planning ahead- one of the most important skills a person can have.

Our curriculum seeks to use chess as a tool to cultivate these traits in our students, allowing them to become both better chess players and better thinkers as a whole.

From teaching new students how to set up the chess board to exploring advanced concepts with a chess Grandmaster, our standard classes and private lessons make the game fun and accessible to all levels of players. Our instructors are as passionate about teaching as they are about chess, and have shared their knowledge and love of the game with students locally and across the world.

This section is invite only! It is also optional, and invited students are NOT required to join.

Usual age range: N/A

Required chess experience: Understand of all standard chess concepts. Students are expected to be playing chess daily, and able to utilize tactical and strategic concepts while they play. Students should also be actively problem solving at all times during their games, and looking for creative solutions to every problem. When asked for the reason why they have done something, they should be able to provide a well-reasoned argument that stands up to scrutiny.

Goal: To understand chess concepts at the highest levels, and to understand the underlying strategic goals that shape all stages of the game. Students who have been in this program for a year should be able to fully understand why they are making every move they make, and be able to defend those moves in a discussion. Students in this class will be capable of competing in major chess tournaments, and will have the option of pursuing titles as they grow older.

Summary: GM class looks to push students to maximize their potential as chess players. Students of this class will examine complex puzzles and moves and evaluate the best course of action. Answers may range from complex tactical combination to obtaining a strategic advantage (such as forcing an opponent off of an open file). Unlike other classes, this program is joined in addition to the normal advanced curriculum. Students should expect approximately 3 hours of homework a week.