Chess Beginner Class

Promoting life skills through teaching chess.

Chess is a game which can combine fun and functionality, as well as encourage competition and learning. Quality chess instruction fosters traits such as critical thinking, planning, analytical thought, and creativity. Studying chess is studying the art of planning ahead- one of the most important skills a person can have.

Our curriculum seeks to use chess as a tool to cultivate these traits in our students, allowing them to become both better chess players and better thinkers as a whole.

From teaching new students how to set up the chess board to exploring advanced concepts with a chess Grandmaster, our standard classes and private lessons make the game fun and accessible to all levels of players. Our instructors are as passionate about teaching as they are about chess, and have shared their knowledge and love of the game with students locally and across the world.

Usual age range: 6-10 (younger students only with instructor approval)

Required chess experience: None.

Goal: To be able to discuss games and play sensible early and end game moves. Students should know all strategic “rules” and how to use them. They should also have a basic understanding of simple tactics.

Summary: This class seeks to introduce students to the game of chess and its fundamental concepts. Basic rules will be addressed if needed, but students who will need time to grasp these rules may prefer Intro Class’s slower pace. The class will explain both WHAT the overarching strategies of the game are and WHY they work.